RBPI – Vol. 61 – No. 1/2018

  • Brazil in the global anticorruption regime,  by Marcos Tourinho 
  • Normative resistance to responsibility to protect in times of emerging multipolarity: the cases of Brazil and Russia, by Anna Kotyashko, Laura Cristina Ferreira-Pereira & Alena Vysotskaya Guedes Vieira
  • Brazil and the European Union: from liberal inter-regionalism to realist bilateralism, by Susanne Gratius
  • Debating US Military Strategy in the Persian Gulf: What is the Way Forward?, by Eugenio Lilli
  • The Defense-Development Nexus: Brazilian Nuclear Policy under the Workers’ Party Administrations, by Monica Herz, Layla Dawood & Victor Coutinho Lage


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