CFP – Africa and the International System in the 21st Century – Special issue of Austral – UFRGS

Africa has been surprising International Relations analysts since the beginning of the 21st Century. After the lost decade of the 1980s, another lost decade followed in the 1990s, with economic marginalization, “identitarian” conflicts and loss of strategic importance. However, in the turn of the century the Organization of African Unity (OUA) gave origin to the African Union (AU), NEPAD (New Partnership for African Development) was created and the new South Africa, Nigeria and Libya turned into great
protagonists of diplomacy and economy within the continent.

At the same time, China, India and Brazil, besides other emerging powers, started to increasingly develop South-South Cooperation, with great impact towards African development. For some, a “new scramble” for Africa. For others, a cooperation that emancipates the continent and transforms the world order. Nonetheless, the economic and financial crisis of 2008 in the North Hemisphere generated a strong Euro-American reaction, with strategic disputes, militarization and fragmentation of African states.

Which were the real transformations in international politics of African Nations and which possibilities emerge in the second decade of 21st Century? We invite scholars to bethink this reality. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is February 20, 2014. Papers must be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese and can be submitted through the website