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Currency Wars Remain Beyond the Analytical Reach of Legal Scholars in the Age of Globalization, by Marcus Faro de Castro

In the wake of the global financial crisis which followed the collapse of the Lehman Brothers bank in 2008, a conspicuous innovation in monetary policy has changed the way in which economic authorities in many parts of the world went about their business. Powerful central banks have engaged in the purchase of “troubled assets”, which …

Why climate action won’t die after Trump’s election, by Larissa Basso and Eduardo Viola

The election of Donald Trump has been a source of concern to the climate community. Throughout his campaign, the President has dismissed climate change and spoke of pushing the coal industry back in business. Hours after his inauguration, climate change was deleted from the White House website. He has appointed a climate change denier to …

Exploring Peace in the Global South: partnerships and challenges, by Vanessa Matijascic e Natália Schenoni

There are few opportunities to explore peace in its most different dimensions. In the so-called American Midwest lies a distinguished institute where senior researchers, practitioners, visiting researchers, and young scholars exchange not only their passion, but also their diverse views and understandings about peace. Supporting the expansion of the Peace Studies research agenda, the Kroc …

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As edições anteriores da Revista Mundorama, mês a mês, a partir de 2007, com acesso aos seus arquivos em pdf.


Seleção de recursos bibliográficos sobre Relações Internacionais e política exterior do Brasil – Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional, Meridiano 47 e outros.

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